Hurray for Gurdon and Yamanaka, Nobel Prize Winners for Pro-life Medicine

28 June, 2017

   The research studies carried out by John B. Gurdon (Anglo-Saxon) and Shinya Yamanaka (Japanese) were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. These two scientists are considered of being the fathers of cellular reprogramming. They have achieved to create cells that behave identically to embryonic cells, however, without having to destroy human embryos. The Swiss Academy declared that both Gurdon and Yamanaka have revolutionized the current knowledge of how cells and organisms are developed, which has led to the perfection of the absurd methods of diagnosis and therapy. Read the rest of this entry »


Pfizer , laboratories against life

11 August, 2016


The multinational Wyeth was acquired by Pfizer Laboratories. This merger increases the market for the business of death. They manufacture and sell condoms and abortion pills. Users react acquiring alternative drugs with the same active ingredient . Pfizer hides the truth about the drug under the title of “emergency contraception”.

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The origin of gender ideology

4 July, 2016

Throughout the history of philosophy, there has been lapidary phrases that have been made famous by the degree of acceptance they have obtained, especially by many highly educated and intelligent people who we call intellectual because they have developed to the maximum level their intelectual capacity. Read the rest of this entry »

Property bubble

31 March, 2014

   What has been called “property bubble”, that is the disproportionate and continued increase in the prices of houses and all buildings that were built until the year 2008. It was not an exclusively Spanish problem but the western world, including the USA and Europe. Read the rest of this entry »

The Dangerpus Embryonic Stem Cells

31 March, 2014

   The headline might be: “now the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine wants to give priority to adult stem cell research.” However, this news has not been published. In 2004 another headline like the following was published: “Known Hollywood stars, including Christopher Reeves, support the adoption by referendum to spend 3,000 million dollars of public funds for embryonic stem cell research in order to cure diseases.” Responsible people of the Institute have not wanted to publicize the shift given in the research policy. What happened? It happened what critics of the research with human embryos said: through this medium will not get any kind of therapy. Indeed, there has been neither treatment nor cure by using stem cells from embryos. So they have decided to change and focus more on adult stem cells that give reasons of medium or long term cure. The financial magazine Investor’s Business Daily complains about double standards of the Institute since when they needed funding they talked about embryonic cells but when they referred to the results they did not mention the word embryonic. Read the rest of this entry »

Fear of condom

28 March, 2014

   Campaigns that support the use of condoms for adolescents are being launched. It has tried to show that these actions are unavoidable to prevent unwanted pregnancies and spread of AIDS. The theory lacks basis since “the risk of contracting AIDS, despite the condom, is situated at 15 percent,” said Elio Sgreccia Director of Bioethics Center of University A. Gemelli. Read the rest of this entry »

AIDS in the United States

31 October, 2013


56,300 people annually contract the AIDS virus in the United States. Read the rest of this entry »