Poor God, dear God. How we trample thou

2 November, 2017

Several years ago, the movie industry folks in Hollywood produced a comedy named “Airplane.” It was funny, and one or two less successful sequels followed. That period was before air travel became a nuisance of long lines, bare feet, and threats of terrorism. It was also a time when the only fear most air travelers ever experienced was the malfunction of an engine or sudden air turbulence and misinterpreted plane noises. Recently, however, it seems that someone came up with the idea of having an impromptu evangelistic revival meeting at 33,000 feet in the air. Now, that is something new. Read the rest of this entry »

Religious persecution kills every year 150,000 Christians

2 November, 2017


   Aid to the Church in Need is a foundation of the Holy See, promoted by Pope Pius XII and initiated by P. Werenfried van Straaten in 1947, to help the needy or suffering persecution church anywhere in the world. It has offices in 17 countries and projects in 140 developing countries. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas letter

28 October, 2017

   The uncertainty to ballot on 25th December has vanished. There is still some sanity. We will celebrate Christmas Eve together with family returning home for holidays, and prolonging the time after lunch in pleasant company, without having a look at what happens. Read the rest of this entry »


28 October, 2017

   It is an expression of love God has for his creatures, for every single one. God does not get out of them, but guarantees his constant help with this natural law written in nature as an indestructible and invaluable guide for our own salvation. And this salvation covers all of us, without distinction as race, skin color, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Increased intolerance of Christians in Christian countries

27 October, 2017

   Cathedral in Salamanca, Spain, defaced by vandals. digg

   “The bishops of Europe are especially aware of the manifestations of discrimination and intolerance of religion confirm that some values and rights that are fundamental to Europe are far from a reality in some countries on the continent,” said Catholic Bishop András Veres of Szombathely, Hungary, in a comment on a 2011 report in Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano on discrimination against religion in Europe. “To live and give testimony to one’s religious creed within respect for the liberty and sentiments of others will benefit everyone, believers and unbelievers, Christian and non-Christians,” declared the report. Read the rest of this entry »

There is no Religious Freedom. Christians are persecuted

27 October, 2017

   The Nusra Front, an Islamist group linked to Al Qaeda attacked the old part of the Syrian city of Maaloula . Islamic terrorists holded several nuns in the convent of Santa Tecla, in the same town.

   Moreover, Raimondo Wang Chonglin , who was Emeritus Bishop of Chaohsien ( Zhaoxian ) , in the Hebei Province (China) has spent 20 years of his life in prison and had to fight against the various prohibitions of the Chinese government to exercise his pastoral work . Read the rest of this entry »


26 October, 2017

AND THE DISABLED IN SAINT JOSEPH’S INSTITUTE, exponent of the civilization of love

   I have found out that one of the great stages of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Spain, the third after his predecessor, the blessed John Paul II, on the occasion of his apostolic journey to Madrid at the XXVI World Youth Day, was going to be on Saturday 20 August 2011, at St. Joseph’s Institute from 7:40 pm to 8:00 p.m. in order to have an encounter with the young people with disabilities. I had worked in it in my first twenty years of work, such as professor specialized in therapeutic pedagogy. I was one of the first four teachers that inaugurated the classes in May of 1961, and although I was only with an appointment of few months, until we were replaced by permanent teachers, God wanted that I remained there more than twenty years, before becoming education inspector. Read the rest of this entry »