How much can be expected from our children?

1 March, 2018


Many families take advantage of school report cards to talk with their children about school. Even if the report card is itself important, it should not be the sole standard to evaluate a child’s academic performance, since every child is different and so are his or her circumstances. Read the rest of this entry »

The value of the example

30 January, 2018


Educational authorities frequently repeat that education never ends and one of the cores of this law of education is the continuing education. Read the rest of this entry »


25 December, 2017



Americans that are so clever have discovered that marital infidelities can also be a good business; and that is why they have created a kind of computer marriage agency, but the opposite, I mean an agency for people who want to be unfaithful to their couples. Read the rest of this entry »

Video game addiction destroys family unit

2 November, 2017

   An inquiry carried out between two thousand adolescents of the virtual community Habbo Hotel puts consoles and games as the requests preferred by kids . Only four percent of the boys asked books. Read the rest of this entry »

Adoptions of children decreased by 48% worldwide

2 November, 2017

   More and more couples without children want to adopt, but on the other hand, there are fewer kids up for adoption. Previously, the lack of kids for adoption, in developed countries was compensated through the adoption abroad. Now this is more complex. The number of international adoptions has dropped by 48%. Read the rest of this entry »

China has murdered 400 million children because of the Only Child Policy

31 October, 2017

   Forced abortions at seven months into the pregnancy have caused strong indignation in China in order to fulfill the “Only Child Policy”. The officials that ordered the interruption have been arrested after the mother posted on the Internet a shocking picture of the fetus entirely covered in blood lying beside her on the hospital bed in Feng Jianmei. The 27 year old woman was forced to terminate the pregnancy. In China, about 400 million children have been murdered with abortions in order to control the overpopulation problem. Read the rest of this entry »

School and family

28 October, 2017

   As far as the total formation of the person is concerned, the family sphere has traditionally been the main training center; attributing to the school, in a subsidiary action, what could be called intellectual education. However, it seems that other fields previously covered by the family now move to school. Read the rest of this entry »