Ikea launches an international campaign in defense of life

27 October, 2017

   The company Ikea has launched an advertising campaign on an international level, which promotes life. The campaign shows an oriental marriage, eagerly expecting their first child, the first life. It shows the joy of parenthood. After the first, the second child was born and so on. The ad shows the intensity of tenderness of the fathers to their children. Read the rest of this entry »


26 October, 2017

   Grandparents raising their grandchildren leave traces in their souls

   A study entitled The Generation of Transition; between Work and Retirement, states that thousands of years ago, the family model “included not only a father and a mother who took care of good parenting; there was also a grandmother who helped them in this task.” Read the rest of this entry »


6 October, 2017


There are indigent persons who exercise the begging as a profession and unashamedly choose specific large cities to show their rags. Some of them have posters that tell touching stories: “I am a single mother with two kids, I have no home and live on the street, I ask for help to eat.” Others kneel or use children to call to the conscience, or put on the doors of the churches because their experience tells them that they will receive good tips from charitable faithful. Read the rest of this entry »

An example of welfare: the “Inclusa”

11 July, 2017


“Inclusas”, hospices or orphanages were places of welfare, most of them founded by the Church in the XVIII Century, where needy children, abandoned by their parents and delivered to those Institutions were welcomed and brought up.

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There are still Ads that Look on the Bright Side

17 October, 2016


Professor Alfonso Méndiz tells us that the world is full of little stories that can move us and make us think. Simple, quotidian, but full of meaning events; that convey enthusiasm and optimism, that touch our hearts and help us to be better.

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Praise fidelity

25 July, 2016

   In these times of abandonments and betrayals, we should make a compliment to fidelity and loyalty,faithfulness seems to be unfashionable. The same fashion gives us contrary examples with its frivolity models. Thus, political figures or of the scene, writers or filmmakers, great economists and many others show in their words, in their business and in their life that the committed word is no longer a warranty; neither an oath of eternal love nor written contracts are reliable and we must be careful with the small print and it is sure that you will find reflective justifications to make the contrary to what was promised, as says the known song “we”. “I love you with my soul, I swear that I adore you but on behalf of that love….we must break away”. ¡What a paradox!. Read the rest of this entry »

In defense of life

10 October, 2015


We are immersed in a macabre culture of death. However, Susan Anne Catherine, an American woman of 26 years, gave birth by cesarean to a two-month-premature baby girl in Richmond (Virginia). Susan died the next day.

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18 July, 2015


Our mailboxes are full of supermarket offers. Our correspondence consists mainly of advertising and banking mail. Personal letters, friends and family letters are scarce. The receipt of a postal card – a greeting from the distance – has made me aware thatletters establish personal ties that break time and geography barriers.

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16 July, 2015


I think there are several problems as serious as the economic problems and the left gives them great importance.

I mean the invention that some followers of Marxism have made when sawthe failure of the class struggle. Now they try to turn it into what we call “gender struggle.”

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The Ivorian Vanessa Koutouan receive the Harambee Award for Promotion and Equality for African Women 2015

17 April, 2015


Teresa of Bourbon Two Sicilies (pictured), Marquise de Laserna and President of Honor of the NGO Harambee Spain, has awarded Vanessa Koutouan (pictured) with the Harambee Award for the promotion and equality of African women 2015. The winner is an Ivorian woman with university education and business profile who decided to turn her work in a school of solidarity with her neighbors, leading the Rural Center Ilomba in M’Batto-Bouaké, a town with lots of children and young people, without schools or health clinics.
The winner works in Ilomba with hundreds of young people “who do not know that they can have an autonomous and independent future in a society that, by ancestral customs, relegates women to their homes by depriving them of education, because families consider that educate them is a waste of time and money”, reported Koutuan. Read the rest of this entry »

Study Problems

6 November, 2014

The media and public opinion talk about the serious problem of the failure at school of students and the low results in the international assessment tests.

Nowadays students face several problems in the study and need the help of parents and teachers to overcome them. We can highlight the lack of interest to any subject, the lack of a place to study, the lack of a schedule, and the absence of study techniques. Read the rest of this entry »

The study at different ages

16 October, 2014
One of the common concerns of parents is that their children are good students and complete their professional studies.
However, it is important to know that the attitudes for the study are different according to the age. Small children have a great desire to learn and a curiosity very wide. In childhood constant questions that guys do their parents and teachers are typical. Read the rest of this entry »

Helping Students

9 October, 2014


Educators (whether parents or teachers) help students (whether sons, daughters or pupils) under a necessary condition: the main target of education is the student, and all external help the student can get for him or herself is detrimental. Read the rest of this entry »

Education According to Socrates 

13 August, 2014


Previously, we discussed what the concept of education was for Roman philosopher Seneca was; education for him was fundamentally having an honest life. This time around, let us discuss the concept of a “good life” according to Greek philosopher Socrates, whose thoughts were well known four centuries before Seneca’s. Read the rest of this entry »

The choice of school

3 April, 2014

   One of the most important decisions that parents make is the choice of school for their children. In many occasions they do it for very simple reasons: the proximity of the school to the home or workplace, if it has sport facilities or dining room, the age of teachers and the absence of bad news or complaints from other parents. They would also have to consider what kind of education they prefer for their children. Read the rest of this entry »

Types of generosity within the family

3 April, 2014

   Generosity could be defined as doing something in favor of others even if it takes efforts to do so. However, sometimes it is not easy to clearly identify such conduct because it depends on the purity of the intention itself and the effort with which the generous action is carried out. It is not the same when a rich man gives away some of his extra money, than when a poor man gives away his only coin. In order to be generous, it is necessary to be conscious about the fact that what is given or done can actually satisfy a need in others. Read the rest of this entry »

Hannah Montana, Virgin until Marriage

3 April, 2014

   The young and popular actress Miley Cirus of the Disney television series, Hannah Montana, one of the most famous teenagers of the universe, has expressed her religious beliefs in public. She has achieved extraordinary level of attendance in all the seasons. Read the rest of this entry »

Grandparents and Grandchildren

2 April, 2014

   There are worrying details of the U.S census on the increasing number of children that are raised by their grandparents: 2, 4 million venerable old people are responsible for the raising of 4, 4 million grandchildren. Read the rest of this entry »

Knowing how to be happy

2 April, 2014

   Every human being, in one way or the other, searches happiness. However, on this Earth, happiness is relative and temporary. Happiness is generally linked to wealth and possession of material things, but these things do not contain true happiness. Ultimately, absolute happiness is in heaven. Read the rest of this entry »


2 April, 2014

   Homework has a didactic justification. After planning, motivating students, presenting the subject and guiding students’ activities, the teacher applies the procedures destined to integrate and fix the curricular content for the subject. This is the teaching process. Read the rest of this entry »