An example of welfare: the “Inclusa”

11 July, 2017


“Inclusas”, hospices or orphanages were places of welfare, most of them founded by the Church in the XVIII Century, where needy children, abandoned by their parents and delivered to those Institutions were welcomed and brought up.

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How far can your freedom go?

18 January, 2017

   German writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe once explained that if someone who in the name of liberty gives up being one’s true self, then it is like that person is committing suicide. Read the rest of this entry »

Coca-Cola Spot with pro-life slogan: It’s wonderful to be parents!

14 September, 2016


In this spot, Coca-Cola gives us a smile, tells a beautiful story and confirms the love of family. And it get all in less than a minute with a wonderful trip back in time that makes us think: “Fortunately, we have changed so little

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Sex change

26 August, 2016


Gender ideology is characterized to threaten against the human nature. Indeed, through the misuse of freedom it is claimed that the human being can change his sexual identity as he pleases, regardless of the sex he had when he was born.

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Michelle Obama cultivates an urban garden with the help of students at the White House

18 July, 2016

   The advertising industry has always seen as a corrupt activity trying to win over potential consumers through unethical deception. However, advertising, depending on how it is used, can be a powerful weapon to draw attention to different products. Read the rest of this entry »

A modern vice: The Mobile Phone

4 March, 2016


Perhaps already victims of consumer society, we are seeing the prediction of the future in which we would be hooked to a cell phone that invades our privacy, as does the TV, making it a pseudo-drug hitching us through. Initially configured as a working tool for executives, it has evolved into a regular appliance of multicolored design. Sociologically it has ended up being an equalizer, not just an economic status symbol that is available to everyone.

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30 July, 2015


It is clear that if we want to get out of the crisis, it is not enough to be optimistic but we must also not to get discouraged and have value. I think there is a very important factor because many things depend on it: the quality of Work.

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