The Morning-After Pill causes thrombosis

7 January, 2016



Edward Korman, judge of the Eastern District of New York, has decided that the morning-after pill (MAP) shall be delivered without a prescription to women of all ages in the United States. This court decision forces the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide, without any restriction, the morning after pill (MAP) and other so-called emergency contraceptives to be sold in North America.

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Marijuana and schizophrenia

3 April, 2014

   One of the scourges of today’s youth is the drugs consumption due to the serious physical and psychological deterioration that the drug users suffer. Read the rest of this entry »

The drug, a one-way trip

3 April, 2014

   The drug is the most serious attack that today’s society suffers. It is an attack with consequences that affect everybody, especially the young people; our most valuable riches. Read the rest of this entry »

Drugs cause brain damage

1 April, 2014

   Laura and Javier have learned one of the sharpest lessons of their existence. She aged 18 years took a liking to amphetamines, known as “speed”. Soon the whim of the cocaine consumed her. Now she is 24 and is finishing a therapy to stop this habit in Proyecto Hombre. He aged 21 years started rolling joints and finished captivated by cocaine. These are the experiences of two of the thousands of teenagers who have come to this institution to begin a plan in order to emerge from the darkness of the drugs, according to the spokesperson of Proyecto Hombre “Minors, drugs and society.” Read the rest of this entry »

New advertising campaigns warning about the false paradises of drug evasión

27 February, 2014


'Dance Music for you not to dance' is the slogan of the last campaign of the Spanish Foundation Against Drug Addiction (FAD) to raise awareness of the risks associated with driving under the influence of drugs , for young people aged 16 to 24.


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