Gandia Shore

27 October, 2017

   ‘Gandia Shore’, an attempt to revive Junk TV.

It is necessary to design a more open television, freer, with plurality and diversity, as it is a window on the world, from different perspectives encouraged by their corresponding information projects. Read the rest of this entry »

The Morning-After Pill causes thrombosis

7 January, 2016



Edward Korman, judge of the Eastern District of New York, has decided that the morning-after pill (MAP) shall be delivered without a prescription to women of all ages in the United States. This court decision forces the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide, without any restriction, the morning after pill (MAP) and other so-called emergency contraceptives to be sold in North America.

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New advertising campaigns warning about the false paradises of drug evasión

27 February, 2014


'Dance Music for you not to dance' is the slogan of the last campaign of the Spanish Foundation Against Drug Addiction (FAD) to raise awareness of the risks associated with driving under the influence of drugs , for young people aged 16 to 24.


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The Mortal Junk TV like Drugs

21 November, 2013


It is clear that the television goes toward bas taste, vulgarity and mediocrity. Violence, sex, morbid for privacy and lack of the most basic moral, ethical or social values are founded with one goal: the finding increasingly radicalized in profitability. The hearing is the only thing that matters. Read the rest of this entry »

An intolerable hell

25 October, 2013



“I saw the best minds of my generation dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix and imperious drug,” said Allen Ginsberg.

Now drugs, usually accompanied by alcoholic beverages, are wasted by 48,000 young people between 14 and 18. This announces serious danger of getting involved with marijuana and cocaine. Read the rest of this entry »

Alcohol fills gaps

10 April, 2013


Alcoholic beverages promotion is one of the most debated and controversial issues of advertising legislation. It is true that advertising bans are justified by the legislator in order to protect the health and safety of people. Thus, indiscriminate consumption is avoided.

Alcohol caused 12,000 deaths last year. “Alcohol abuse creates more health problems than drugs”. The Government has invested more than 22 million euros to the different autonomous communities for anti-drug programs which includes, with a special emphasis, alcohol.

Moreover, The Red Cross‘ Foundation for Help against Drug says that a third of young people spend 90% of its money in alcoholic beverages. Thus, alcohol is the leading cause of death among youth, since 60% of fatal traffic accidents, during the night of the weekend, are caused by the consumption of alcohol.

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Alcohol takes you far away

24 January, 2013


Despite all publicity campaigns against the consumption of drinks by young people, it is a paradox that a teenager can acquire, with impunity, a dose of a particular drug. According to the data from the School Survey on drugs, the average age of onset of alcohol consumption is 13.7 years. A 46% of schoolchild between 14 and 18 years states that they getting drunk at some time in their life.

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