The inhuman and perverse New Global Ethic

7 May, 2016

The new global ethic hides an anti-Christian agenda rooted in Western apostasy. It also imposes the dictatorship of relativism which denies the truth, revelation, reality and morality. Read the rest of this entry »


In defense of life

10 October, 2015


We are immersed in a macabre culture of death. However, Susan Anne Catherine, an American woman of 26 years, gave birth by cesarean to a two-month-premature baby girl in Richmond (Virginia). Susan died the next day.

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What is happiness?

3 April, 2014

   The question is not new; this comes from a long time ago and is crucial for each person. We could summarize it in this question: How do we harmonize be happy (a happy life) and do good (the good) and correct? The difficulty is that these words and expressions have lost, or better said, have been given other meanings. Happiness coincides with pleasure and what is useful. Frequently, our sight and intelligence are incapable to deepen because we are blinded by the individual, the sensitivity and the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

The end moves people

3 April, 2014

   “The end moves the agent” is a classic expression that I used to translate by: “the end moves the people.” It is important to have a clear purpose both in mind and in heart (it will define in the course of live) because if we do not have it then the immobility and the senseless appear. “If we are not going anywhere” then why we are moving; it would be worth nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

The common good

1 April, 2014

   In the classic time of the modern sociology (1945), we studied that the common good is what justifies the authority in the civil society where men live. Thus, the concept of common good is essential in the formation of systems of government, whatever it is (monarchy, republic or democracy). Read the rest of this entry »

The human good, indispensable criterion for development

1 April, 2014

   The human being is still one of the centers of attention and study at the present as he was in all the past ages. This happens because he gives meaning and direction to the reality. We wonder and clarify these two questions: who is the human being? And what is it? It is crucial to focus and manage our own life and the life of relationship. Read the rest of this entry »

Who is? Waht is the human being?

1 April, 2014

   All dimensions of human nature, together with the activity that belongs to them, are strictly personal. Thus, for example, the human body functions are not animals, but are truly and properly humans. In part Aristotle and his disciples were wrong when they do not realize that the so-called lower levels of the rational animal are different from their counterparts in the irrational animals. This happens not only because they are organized and integrated under the direction of reason, but mainly because they are aspects of the person… (Grisez-Rusell, G. Being a Person.) Read the rest of this entry »