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I opine, you opine, he opines, everybody opine… I opine but I am aware that my opinion is not a final judgment. Because I know that my opinion depends on the knowledge that I have about the discussed topic. And that knowledge can vary.

I opine, but I do not persist in my opinion, as if it was immovable. I do not change as a fickle person either. However, if the opinion (dynamic by nature) becomes something static, then instead of opinion, it will be something else: obsession, prejudice, stubbornness, or whatever.

Life is multifaceted. There are almost always several options in each situation and dilemma. Normally, each problem can have different solutions. That is why we need to exchange opinions in order to weigh up the pros and cons of the different possibilities, according to various viewpoints, but on the recognition that our opinion is not necessarily neither the best, nor much less the only possible option. Since I receive new information, I can reaffirm my opinion; or it may be reasonable to modify it in some aspect.

José Murillo

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