Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels.com

Approximately in 1973 when I was a very young girl, I joined together with a group of Boy Scouts in the city where I lived. We wore an elegant uniform: a shirt with the insignia of the fleur-de-lis and a magnificent “scarf” that made us feel very elegant.

A Sunday afternoon when we returned from an excursion, we were surprised by a group of Falangists that approach us, surrounded us and began to insult us, calling us separatists, renegades and things with strong language. They tore me the badge I had in the shirt and kicked it, people began to come to see what was happening and at the end they go away, leaving us quite injured and frightened.

Last week a similar situation happened with the participants in the World Youth Days in Madrid, but on this occasion, instead of being the Falangists, the attack was executed by the Laicists that act in the same way as the single-party State acted 38 years ago, also moved by the hate of freedom.

The big difference is that at least up until now; we have lived in a democracy where everyone can feel free. However, negative signs promoted by an extremely low fundamentalist minority are starting to appear. They try to suppress by force manifestations of other people who do not think like them.

Wouldn’t it be that the current Left in Spain is considering re-establish another dictatorship? A dictatorship that was hard to overcome.

Isabel Costa

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