Historical Manipulation

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We are currently witnessing a great debate on historical memory. Left-wingers and nationalists are making great efforts to silence part of the events occurred in the history. They also seek to change, distort and manipulate other facts that seem to benefit their ideology. They only seek to indoctrinate all the population using all means of communication related because finally what TV, radio, newspapers and the politically correct propaganda say is truth.

Although a person is aware that what they say is a lie, it does not matter much because soon its opinion will be annihilated by the majority. The same occurs if there are people who think the same thing because their opinion does not matter.

If the big manipulable mass accepts the lie that has imposed the party with its powerful means of communication, the lie will pass into history and become true.

Left-winger philosophy asserts that who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past. This explains the efforts made to change history, deny some facts and exaggerate others. It is expect to create a historical truth to state that all the previous history has been as they preach with their means of creating public opinion.

If the party can see toward the past and states that this or that historic event has never happened or has happened according to its version, we can say that we are facing knowledge and thinking dictatorship more horrible than the conventional dictatorships.

Arturo Ramo.

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