The other day I read a terrible case. I do not know if consider it done because what appears on the Internet is not always true.

This was an interview to an Argentine young woman who was serving a sentence for having murdered with a knife her newborn baby. In Argentina the abortion is still illegal and by the tone of the interview it was deducted the following thesis: the young woman had had a relationship with an older man who had abandoned her when she was pregnant. Snowed by these circumstances, she finished doing what she had done and served a serious sentence by this. Hence it might be inferred that if abortion was legal in Argentina, she would have aborted and had not killed with a knife her son, charging with the imprisonment and emotional penalty of having stabbed him. Then we could infer that decriminalizing the laws that regulate abortion is good because it avoids this kind of situations. If she had lived in Spain, she would have aborted at any of the abortion centers legally established, previous payment. I do not know if she would be happy but at least she would not be in jail, but on the street. I ask: would the child feel a difference between being killed by his mother with a knife and be cut, drawn and thrown into a container of organic waste? If he could speak he might say that it does not matter because after all in both cases he would be dead. We will never know his opinion, we will never know if he wanted to live. I believe that he does, almost all living beings tend to life and want to live by instinct and by conviction. The only and cruel equality between being killed by your own mother with a knife and being a victim of a legal abortion is that at the end you are dead. Only that in the first case, your mother will pay a very long imprisonment penalty and in the second case anyone will pay nothing because it will be legal. God! How low we have fallen!


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