Failed Abortion

16 November, 2017


In 2000, 19-years-old Gianna Jessen explained her life to a of U.S. congressmen group: “my biological mother was 17 years old and was 7 and half months pregnant when she decided to abort me by the process of saline injection. I am the person that she aborted. I lived instead of dying. My mother was at the clinic and doctors programmed the abortion at 9 in the morning. Fortunately, the abortionist was not in the clinic when I was born at 6 am on April 6 1977. I hurried. I am sure that if he had been there, I wouldn’t be here today because his job is to end life and not save it. Some people say that I am a “failed abortion; the result of a badly done job.”

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Poor God, dear God. How we trample thou

2 November, 2017

Several years ago, the movie industry folks in Hollywood produced a comedy named “Airplane.” It was funny, and one or two less successful sequels followed. That period was before air travel became a nuisance of long lines, bare feet, and threats of terrorism. It was also a time when the only fear most air travelers ever experienced was the malfunction of an engine or sudden air turbulence and misinterpreted plane noises. Recently, however, it seems that someone came up with the idea of having an impromptu evangelistic revival meeting at 33,000 feet in the air. Now, that is something new. Read the rest of this entry »

Mayor Sullivan announces Hope Youth Street Program

2 November, 2017


    Mayor Michael J. Sullivan in cooperation with the Hope Youth Street Program is proud to announce an exciting new event that’s designed to bring the community and the talented youth of our city together. The program, which is simply entitled “The Movement” will celebrate the rich cultural diversity throughout the city and culminate in a talent show. Read the rest of this entry »

Childhood Obesity Prevention. Massachusetts

2 November, 2017


    In a survey conducted by Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA) it was requested information on which types of the following school recreational facilities were available: playground, sports field or gymnasium. As a whole, the answers were: 61% had a sports field, 67% had a playground, including middle and high schools, and 89% had a gym. Schools from higher income communities are better-equipped with exercise facilities. Read the rest of this entry »

NECC Alumna to Receive National Honor

2 November, 2017


    A national women’s advocacy group was so impressed with Lawrence resident Rosemary Hernandez’s journey from high school dropout to MBA candidate, that it selected her from a pool of national candidates as one of 25 women to receive its Women of Triumph Award in Washington, D.C. in February. Read the rest of this entry »

New England Civic Ballet

2 November, 2017


    On any Saturday morning, there is a place hopping with excitement: The New England Civic Ballet (NECB) located at 274 S. Broadway, Lawrence. Children of all ages gather for a 45-minute class that hopefully will take them to the lead role of some of their productions. The first surprise is finding so many Latino families, including three fathers waiting for their little girls to finish the morning class. Read the rest of this entry »

Video game addiction destroys family unit

2 November, 2017

   An inquiry carried out between two thousand adolescents of the virtual community Habbo Hotel puts consoles and games as the requests preferred by kids . Only four percent of the boys asked books. Read the rest of this entry »

The world continues to focus on Junk-TV

2 November, 2017

   Broadcasters are a window on the world from different perspectives that animate their information projects..

   The right thing is to promote television events focused on causes such as peace, economic and social progress, security and coexistence among people from heterogeneous cultures. This will promote a television that in addition to distract, encourages a culture of peace, security and development. Read the rest of this entry »

Adoptions of children decreased by 48% worldwide

2 November, 2017

   More and more couples without children want to adopt, but on the other hand, there are fewer kids up for adoption. Previously, the lack of kids for adoption, in developed countries was compensated through the adoption abroad. Now this is more complex. The number of international adoptions has dropped by 48%. Read the rest of this entry »

World Down Syndrome Day

2 November, 2017

   March 21 is the day when we celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day, date marked by the United Nations, to increase social awareness and to exclude prejudice towards persons afflicted with this disability. A total of twelve countries -Portugal, Croatia, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Latvia, France, Russia, the U.S., New Zealand and Spain, have launched a campaign to say together: “I’ve Got Down Syndrome. So What?”. Read the rest of this entry »

Religious persecution kills every year 150,000 Christians

2 November, 2017


   Aid to the Church in Need is a foundation of the Holy See, promoted by Pope Pius XII and initiated by P. Werenfried van Straaten in 1947, to help the needy or suffering persecution church anywhere in the world. It has offices in 17 countries and projects in 140 developing countries. Read the rest of this entry »

Children’s education and professional development

2 November, 2017

   For about half of the women between 30 and 44 years, having a child has significantly altered their lives, forcing a reduction in working hours, or a temporary or permanent cessation of work. The existence of children alone does not explain the difficulty of reconciling work and family. To understand the problem it is necessary to ask about female employment rate the reduction of fertility, which in Spain has fallen to a rate of 1.34 children per woman. Read the rest of this entry »

Embryonic cells can cause cáncer

2 November, 2017

Harvard researchers: embryonic cells can cause cáncer

   The researchs carried out by the british Sir John B. Gurdon and the japanese Shinya Yamanaka, both awarded with the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2012, gave birth to cellular reprogramming. The conquest achieved, revealed that the efforts put in the investigations with embryonic cells for clinic purposes are useless and completely sterile. But until the nascent induced pluripotent stemm cells (iPS) have clinical use, significant obstacles arises in the use of retroviruses to introduce genetic reprogramming. Currently, according Nature, a way has been found to make the same, without virus. Read the rest of this entry »

The Washington Post aims to boost its online advertising business

1 November, 2017

The mass media are investing in projects to tackle the main problems of online media today.
The speed of downloading, fraud in visits or visibility are some of the issues that mainly concern to monetize online advertising space. Read the rest of this entry »