Penélope Cruz stars in another controversial ad for Schweppes, lesbian style

23 November, 2016

    Advertisers lean sometimes on celebrities to star in their campaigns and add value to the brand , media coverage and increase their sales.
Schweppes is one of those advertisers that features famous faces to star in its campaigns : Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman and Iggy Pop have been ambassadors of the popular tonic water , and now Penelope Cruz (pictured ) takes over.
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Drugs Dehumanize and Enslave Human Beings

10 November, 2016


The Foundation Against Drug Addiction has launched an ad campaign, inter alia, under the following slogan: “Drugs do not only damage those who consume them”. “Everything has a price”. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the sinister presence of drugs within society. This creative initiative rests upon the idea that the most dangerous aspect of drugs is actually forgetting about what they really are.

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