Singer Katy Perry breaks records in Twitter with 50 million followers and beats Justin Bieber

26 October, 2016

   Singer Katy Perry has conquered Twitter users reaching 50 million followers on the social network. Thus, the soloist has overcome its competitor , Justin Bieber , who has been in second place.. Read the rest of this entry »

There are still Ads that Look on the Bright Side

17 October, 2016


Professor Alfonso Méndiz tells us that the world is full of little stories that can move us and make us think. Simple, quotidian, but full of meaning events; that convey enthusiasm and optimism, that touch our hearts and help us to be better.

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Steve Genco ( marketing expert ) : “In reality , people do not know why they do things”

6 October, 2016



Steve Genco, co – author of ” Neuromarketing for Dummies ' and managing partner of ' Intuitive Consumer Insights ' , has given several presentations as part of the Neuromarketing World Forum in New York , where he performed an intuitive consumer's brain dissection.

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