But who can kill a child?


   “A newborn child deserves the utmost respect, says Juvenal
The Summa has given to the Hospital Infanta Sofía of San Sebastián de los Reyes a newborn baby found in the meter room of a house in the Pazos Street, in the municipality of Algete. <>, it has been reported by the Emergency Center Community of Madrid.

   It’s horrifying and it is very poignant to hear about a baby abandoned in a garbage container in Algete. It is not possible to believe that a mother has a heartless attitude to abandone a baby. Thinking about the reasons, one of them would be: the education of the mother in human and civic values. Therefore, when the foundations of coexistence are undermined consequently arises selfishness, hedonist, materialist and moral standards are neglected. It is contributing to appear more cases like this.

   But we are aware of the obstacles that society imposes on those individual personalities. The family is treeless; the school, disavowed; the legitimate authority, flouted. If the family is the first educator cell of the society. ¿Why it is being destroyed?

   In this decadent society must be appraised the newborn in all his dimensions and significance as a developing person and the adults seem to have a special effort to go “against nature” degrading their physical and moral integrity. Those cruel mothers must not forget that their children are not theirs, they are children of God.

   While the great livid window like television supplants parents, we can not be surprised that the garbage container be the most appropriate crib for a newborn. “We must repeat wiith the utmost firmness that nothing and nobody can allow us to kill an innocent human being, it be a foetus, embryo, a child, an adult, an elderly or a sick in his incurable agony.

Clemente Ferrer

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