Another principle to defend the gender ideology is that the human being can choose his sexual orientation as he wishes with complete freedom to feel himself physycal, emotional and sexually attracted by people of the same sex or the opposite sex, which is a fallacy as the top of a pine.

There is true from any point of view to prosecute this circumstance, the truth is that the human being always borns with a particular sex to which must identifies and respect if he wants to live antropho-logically wisely without committing the folly of rejecting it or guiding other people of his same sex.

The human beings aren’t animals, beasts or angels, we are rational people endowed with intelligence, will and a particular sex to guide our emotions and our desire for having children and making it we behave as we really are and according to what the nature has given us.

When the legislations of the european countries supported in its legal system the freedom of sexual orientation, they are contributing to the destruction of man without knowing it at best or even worst, they intend to give him a freedom that is not real and it will damage, will hurt or will confuse his personality until the person realizes the absurdity that it is and reacts strongly against it.

G.K. Chesterton, the great English writer said that “it begins rejecting God and ends up destroying the man”. It doesn’t mean that it is destroyed totally and inmediately but we destroy his hope and his illusion of living gradually. Using this statement, it can be said that when we reject the sex we are given by God through the human nature that we receive or we focus the attraction unduly, the rationality of man is destroyed and it is easier to make any kind of immorality with himself or with other people, it makes to see him like an irractional beast.

Roberto Grao

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