People, love and marriage

   A boy and a girl know each other; they fall in love and get married. ¡Marriage! They have children. They educate them. They are happy. At this point of the story, it is sure that people say that “there are other models”: gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, etc. all self defined “marriage”, because it is a name that has the prestige endorsed by many centuries of history.

   These are the same voices that advocate promiscuity with all variants that can be imagined, as if the pleasure without responsibility is the purpose of sexuality. The fact that sex is the faculty that transmits human life in a natural way is considered outdated.

   Defenders of these other “models” get angry against those who manifest the genuineness of the marriage composed by one man and one woman. And as argument shows a casuistry, airing brutally cases of failed marriages and affirming that in another type of relationship all is wonderful and without problems. But who believes in that fallacy?
   José Murillo Berges.


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