Lost and found

   Recently, I witnessed an event that caught my attention in a supermarket: a woman that was accompanied with her husband lost her wallet with all her documents and money. When she arrived at the checkout noticed it and began to regret visibly. She went out to see if she could follow the trail she had done and she was surprised when she met an elderly man who realized what was happening and he gave her back her wallet.

   The man said her that he had found it near the entrance and he was waiting to see if someone with distorted face went out. The woman began to cry with emotion and then she kissed him in gratitude.

   Among people who stopped to watch the scene, there was a young girl next to me that said quietly: if I had found it, I would have kept it. I was a little puzzled and replied: well, if I had lost the wallet, I would also have liked to get it back, and this gentleman only did what he would have liked to do with him if he had found in these circumstances; besides, he has a clear conscience and the great satisfaction of having acted with honesty.

   It seems important to remember that there are fundamental principles of human coexistence that make people’s lives more enjoyable.

   Isabel Costa


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