In defense of children

   The Association of viewers and listeners has published an alarming study. It reveals that all the television networks violate the self-regulatory code on TV content for children as well as the Law of Television without Frontiers of the European Union.

    The research also shows that 42% of the minutes corresponding to the TV contents do not obey the Code; do not transmit appropriate content for children. At the time of determining the programming, the report has taken into account: the informative content, the advertising and the self-promotions.

    This asserts that “18% of the content that violate the Code do it for implicit sex; physical violence (17 %), sensationalism (12 %); inappropriate language (8%); despise for the person or breach of privacy (8 %); verbal violence (5 %) and alcoholic beverages (8%).

    The programming aimed at children should be neither mislead nor manipulate. On the contrary, this should be very clear since the children’s audience can confuse what is real and what is the scenario of the television programs.


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