Families, couples and Breakups

   Due to the family is the basic cell where civil society is born, organizes and develops; the marriage breakup seriously injured the root of human coexistence, especially when it is legally permitted and spread in many families. This fact is well known and recognized by all couples wishing to marry. However, this does not prevent that, in view of possible future disagreements, arguments, and even incompatibilities, many couples accept as inevitable the possibility of bond breakup. This happens because they are not willing to maintain indefinite the commitment of their relationship, even knowing that the marriage contract is not a current and common contract where obligations, rights and responsibilities of the parties lay down, but affects the whole being and the total life of people.

   Children always pay for it to a greater or lesser extent, depending on their age and sensitivity. They can never understand the reasons of their parents to take that decision. They suffer it with their personal existential and emotional neglect and often react with resentment toward one or the other spouse, or even toward both.

   The damage that this pitiful and widespread divorce situation causes to the children and the society joins to other more unfortunate and harmful situations: couples who live together without marrying. I mean couples which generally include “free and safe sex without consequences” along with the dubious intention to convert or not in a permanent relationship. We live together while things are going well, while vital independent projects are maintaining. But when safe sex fails, we often resort to the elimination of fetus (abortion) by appealing to the psychological disorder in parents and especially in the mother.

   The life that is coming is not a nice visit, but a mishap, an unexpected and undesired failure: unwanted pregnancy. A life that must be eliminated to continue the apparent pleasant life of the couple without frights or annoying responsibilities.

   The “safe sex” is part of a culture that sees in the fertility an unwanted and unbearable weight: children break the vital balance of the couple freedom because they involve a great deal of commitment and always will complicate a possible separation. Their support and education is expensive and slaughtered and the time that parents have to enjoy the life is scarce.

   For this reason, marriage and family have been replaced in many cases by a simple temporal relationship where children are not wanted or accepted because they do not fit with a demanding professional activity or are not compatible with the freedom of parents to enjoy life without serious commitments.

   What a pity! And How dangerous are these situations for people and future society because we can not forget that, in life, such as in agriculture, you reap what you sow. If we sow selfishness, that it is in the fund the rejection of the children or the break up of the marriage, we will harvest selfishness, meanness and disdain.
   Roberto Grao Gracia


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