Abortion survivor

   Sarah Smith was born with a tremendous malformation: a bilateral hip dislocation. Her legs were crossed on her abdomen in form of X. This forced her to undergo painful operations throughout her life. In addition, she dreams many times that she is in total darkness, in a limited space…

   The sixth pregnancy of Betty Smith was in 1970. The gynecologist congratulated her because of her pregnancy but she interrupted him and said: “I want to abort”. With the same tone he congratulated her; he encouraged her to carry out the abortion.

   She was fed up of being called rabbit, a nickname that her friends (evangelical pastors’ wives) had given her.

   In addition, at that time she was not willing to lose a job that was achieved after much effort to keep going her big family.

   Finally she went to the abortion center on Thanksgiving. She later recalled that doctors spoke about tissues, flesh … And though she knew that it was not well, she continued with the abortion due to the strong mental confusion she had.

   After the “operation”, one of the nurses asked her: “Do you have other children?” It was a phrase that impacts her because she was not asked if she had children, but if she had other children, which indicated that they had killed her son.

   After weeks…something happened. She noticed that within her there was something more. The doctor told her that she had had twins and one of them had survived the abortion.

   The doctor was surprised that there was a survivor after the elimination of the placenta. That little girl is Sarah.

   The dream which I spoke at the beginning was when Sarah was communicating with her killed brother and suddenly a torrent of light appeared. With terrified face she sees that something absorbs him, takes him outside, and she protects, going to one corner of the space, but she is scared because she know that then is her turn…

   José Antonio Calvo Baena


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