The Mortal Junk TV like Drugs


It is clear that the television goes toward bas taste, vulgarity and mediocrity. Violence, sex, morbid for privacy and lack of the most basic moral, ethical or social values are founded with one goal: the finding increasingly radicalized in profitability. The hearing is the only thing that matters.

Television programs called “reality show” have all the ingredients listed above. Especially the morbid Big Brother, a reality show where a group of participants live together in a large house, isolated and watched by television cameras during 24 hours. In order to win the final cash prize, all the contestants have to do is survive periodic evictions and be the last one standing. It was created by the Dutchman John de Mol. Big Brother prototype appeared in 1997, during a brainstorm session in the production company of the Dutchman. It was first broadcast in Holland in 1999, being adapted by more than 70 countries later. Thus, the coarse and degrading junk TV has arrived. The components of this program are not a role model.

Moreover, the eccentric and millionaire Paris Hilton can not live without “realities”. She participated in the “Simple Life” which had four acclaimed broadcastings but it was suspended because the fifth broadcasting fell to 20 percent of “ratings.” However, the Anglo ITV television network has prepared the adaptation of the event ‘Paris Hilton’s New Best Friend “. Through this junk “reality” Hilton will look for her best friend. She said: “I need a burly and sincere friend that can be with me.”

Likewise, Parental Control produced by MTV incites parents who are unhappy with their child’s current boyfriend/girlfriend to substitute them for others. And other junk program “Ligando en la Oscuridad” where the participant will have to choose couple guided only by their senses. An abnormality morbid.

We must not forget that junk TV is more dangerous than terrorism or drug.



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