Exciting history


Those who have sought to establish the moral order have always bothered those who have an inappropriate human being lifestyle. This way of life is related to the control over the wills of those who are able to give them political and economic power. The Catholic Church has almost always been the scapegoat. In the eighteenth century (The French Revolution) certain scandals of some priests were magnified so they justified their murders.

This was a way of saying: “if those do not keep what they say, it is best to kill all of them. In this way, I don’t hear anyone that condemning my behavior”.

Many Catholics are surprised and shocked by this situation. That is because they do know neither the Gospel nor the Church history.

Jesus said it in the passage about the bad shepherds and also when he warned us that we would be persecuted as Him.

We have to feel encouraged to defend and pray for the Pope, successor of authentic San Pedro, who died for being a witness of Jesus Christ, risen Lord from the dead. When will the persecution end? The answer is in the Apocalypse: chapter 6, verse 11.

José Antonio Calvo

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