Consequences of irreligiosity


The tremendous foolish act of irreligious determination is found when the weakness of man is regarded. The fragility of existence is seen in the most ridiculous and wretched attack of irreligion: abortion that seeks to take over the most basic natural right such as life and steal the control that is only responsibility of the Creator who is the author of life, the lord of Life. Only perverted mind and rotten heart -sample of disgrace, baseness and wicked barbarism- can dare to kill innocent children with the insolence of these killers who proclaim and justify abortion with the indecent sophism of a right to kill.

There is no greater indignity than a mother who gives death rather than life to her child! It is only comparable with the evilness of paid killers that promote it. In irrationality history, with the exception of Christ death, the greatest outrage is abortion. Here the threat of an unprecedented earthquake is perceived, it is the result of a dull, stubborn, obstinate and stingy resentment that grows in the shade of meanness. An absolute indignity: human, moral, psychological, academic, cultural, civic, social, patriotic, sociological, ecological, historical, wild, economic indignity, or what is the same, ambition of power, money and prestigious. Things that are coveted because we do not have them and that arouse envy when they are seeing in the nobility of the other. “Religious prejudices” are not those who reject abortion, but the basic common sense that rebels before the lack of intellectual judgment of your unscrupulous biological mass, evil to the core of your own degradation.

But, attention! We have the security that sooner or later you will pay it because so much crime can not go unpunished in the history and divine judgment. And God punishes with supreme penalty: the eternal hell! For that reason, irreligion is the largest failure of man. Because they have no arguments, they invent and proclaim nonsense to cover the nakedness of their obscene perversion. On March 5, the radio announced the happy news that German doctors had achieved to save the life of a six weeks baby with approximately 200 grams and now he weighed four kilos. A medical miracle that forces us to congratulates these physicians with sincere admiration. You thought that the situation was unworkable and it led to death. Well, no Sir, and that means that above human clumsiness is a wisdom, a power and a providence that directs the course of history and the human life and its freedom. So we understand and no one interpret it as dark and difficult metaphysics, I will say that the relationship with God (religion) is like the relationship with our parents. It is the relationship between man and God, our Father of heaven, if we are able to live in God as his children. A fortunate hypothesis to everyone! So if children do not recognize the debt that they have with their parents, the foundation of their existence in the world breaks.

There are no children without parents and there are no parents without children. A marriage without children does not enjoy the title of paternity, they are spouses (husband and wife) but they are not parents. And in case of abandonment or denial of family ties with parents, the greatest injustice to human feelings is committed. With God, author of our existence and our life, occurs the same in an eminent degree. Greek thought, with its great representatives: Plato, Aristotle, Socrates… is the Western civilization cradle, as the story recognize it, formulated clear principles which force us to recognize the relationship with God (religion) as a cause and foundation of our existence. Greeks said that we are contingent beings and we must rise to a necessary being, a first unmoved motor, because there is no effect without cause and no one gives what he does not have. We have not given our lives, no one gives life to himself, a life that no one has and therefore it can not be given. We say: my parents gave me life. That is true, but with help of God in the order of Providence. Who has given them? We can not be delaying the answer until infinity and we have to put an origin that agrees with the principle: I am who I am (Ex 3, 14), God said to Moses in the bush of Sinai that burned without being consumed, attracting his attention when he grazed the flock of his father-in-law in order to give the commission to deliver Israel that lived as a slave in Egypt and bring him to the promised land. Therefore, religion is the expression of transcendental act that causes the birth of all beings and particularly the man (the privileged creature by his intelligence, will and freedom that recognizes the inalienable rights of God and the greatness of the dignity given to him by the Author of his being and his life). Religious gives reason about life and everything that happens in the world and in the society of men. Truth and loyalty are based in religious (in God); values needed to form the moral conscience of man and build a new world. A better world , a more humane society in which men admit to be brothers and help and want each other so in life there is less pain, hunger, ignorance, lies, sin, loneliness, sadness, hatred, envy, selfishness, arrogant and desire for power, ambition and vain glory. A world where the dignity of free and intelligent man shines. As God made and wants. Don Jesús Sancho Bielsa

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