Consequences of irreligiosity

28 June, 2013


The tremendous foolish act of irreligious determination is found when the weakness of man is regarded. The fragility of existence is seen in the most ridiculous and wretched attack of irreligion: abortion that seeks to take over the most basic natural right such as life and steal the control that is only responsibility of the Creator who is the author of life, the lord of Life. Only perverted mind and rotten heart -sample of disgrace, baseness and wicked barbarism- can dare to kill innocent children with the insolence of these killers who proclaim and justify abortion with the indecent sophism of a right to kill. Read the rest of this entry »

Children´s intellect

9 June, 2013



Children exposed to the smoke of cigarettes have more problems in intellectual development, according to a study of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the United State. Despite tough anti-smoking measures, research has found nicotine in 85% of children, more than 40% of children inhale nicotine in their own homes.  Because of this, British government launched an anti-smoking campaign aimed at young people between eleven and fifteen years. Moreover, the Dutch government issued through all media an advertising campaign reminding citizens the prohibition of smoking in public places and official buildings.

Gabriel Roselló