Deadly virus

   Give an international response to AIDS in poor countries will rise to $25 million, according to the study of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS): “what countries need: investments needed for 2010 targets “.

   This year, this economic drastically change will cover the objectives to achieve global access to prevention, treatment, care and support of HIV. The United Nations plan states that one third of this resource will be employed in occupations linked to behavior change and social factors against this epidemic. Another part of the investment is aimed at strengthening health systems. All other will protect robustness services to overcome HIV / AIDS, such as methods to reduce mother-to-child transmission of the virus and antiretroviral therapy.

   The UN believes that, in this year, about 6.7 million people will reach antiretroviral treatment; more than 70 million pregnant women will undergo to explorations of detection of HIV/AIDS and receive service for prevention of mother-to-child transmission. Also, 20 million men who maintained relations with other men, 7 million professionals of sexual exploitation and 10 million injecting drug users will relieve with the prevention services of this deadly disease.

   The study establishes that global access should be a reality for human beings who are exposed to the deadly virus and for the sick with HI /AID.

   More than 33 million people lived with this pandemic in 2007. The number of new infections reached 2.7 million and the number of deaths caused by AIDS reached 2 million. Sub-Saharan Africa has 67% of people living with HIV/Aids on the planet.

   Moreover, according to the World Summit of Ministers of Health, In order to prevent AIDS a person should respect: “human and spiritual values” and protect: “Human rights and dignity of the person”.



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