The embryo as a person

23 May, 2013

embrion 6 semanas

The French who lose their children in a natural abortion will be able to register them in the Civil Registry and enter them in the family book. The regulation is a protection for the 50,000 couples who lose a child by unwanted abortion each year. It is the legal status of the embryo.

Through two regulations published by the French Official State Gazette, families who are in these circumstances “will be able to have a symbolic mention of that child, with Christian name”.

Big French newspapers, as Le Figaro, have accepted that the right to enroll in the Civil Registry to stillbirths is to accept the fetus as a living being from the moment of conception.


Deadly virus

15 May, 2013

   Give an international response to AIDS in poor countries will rise to $25 million, according to the study of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS): “what countries need: investments needed for 2010 targets “. Read the rest of this entry »

Condom industry

7 May, 2013

In Mexico City, Ministers of Health and Education have been gathered to stop the social scourge of AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the event, Caribbean Delegates decided to introduce the principle of abstinence prior to marriage, as well as fidelity once married as a plan to struggle against the expansion of sexually transmitted diseases. However, these proposals were rejected.

Throughout history, human being has taught children about this. Now, this instruction will be provided to adults. However, during last years, parents prepare their children not for them to become adults, but for them to become perennial teenagers incapable of becoming mature adults.

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