Kill old people


Belgium sanctioned a law on euthanasia that came into force in 2002. A law incited by Holland. In both countries the process was controversial due to the opposition that it had to endure.

The professor of the University of Hull (United Kingdom), Raphael Cohen-Almagor, has done a research published in the journal “Issues in Law & Medicine. This Review the historical causes and legal developments as well as the repeated abuses against life. Thus, the main proposal of the teacher is verified: it is assumed that euthanasia is an outdated and integrated matter in hospitals of the country. He says that there is much to be done so that law enforcement is not misleading.

The investigation with dozens of hours of interviews to prominent doctors in the country and the reflections of fifteen years of travel for the main policlinics of Belgium, England, United States, Canada, Holland, Australia and New Zealand give us the conclusion that: “according to the testimony of heads of department and ethics committees, patients cling to life at all costs. Most of them want to die because they are afraid to suffer. However, when doctors control the pain many of those who expressed the wish to die change their attitude and want to continue living.

Medical indication and adherence to deontological codes are pressing demands. “The challenge of doctors is to use properly their influence on patients”. In effect, “doctors have to be aware of the enormous role that their advice can have on the treatment chosen by their patients”.

Now, the extension of euthanasia to infants and elderly with mental injuries such as cancer or schizophrenia is discussed in Belgium. Accept that disabled people do not deserve to live is the next step to approve euthanasia.

Euthanasia is a grave abuse of God’s law because it is a deliberate and morally unacceptable destruction of a human being.

Clemente Ferrer

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