lago sereno

One of the most sad and deplorable facts of modern mentality is the loss of religiosity or the brazen and insolent abandonment of relationship with God. Irreligion! Masonry, rationalism, secularism, skepticism, indifferentism and materialism have conspired to eradicate the profound sense of the need for God of men’s heart and mind. The inalienable truth that the existence of all things and man in particular has unequivocal, undeniable and irrevocable relationship with the creator’s universe (author of being and live, mainly the free creature) does not ignore, hates or despises. The conclusion is clear: religion is the essential relationship of dependence with God, the author of our being and our life who is part and is in the heart of creature. It constitutes the existence.

It is only required to be normal, have normal rationality, enjoy a healthy heart and a little of culture. It is necessary that great men and scientists (Einstein, Von Braun, Paul Claudel…) -the real ones, not those of ideological and paid advertising- are deeply religious. They knew the nature as nobody, they live in love of science as nobody and they were ecologists to the wonders of the world as nobody; and impressed by the screen of science, they saw with humility that neither their science had meaning nor the order and beauty and sublime mystery of nature could be explain without a very clever, powerful, kindhearted creator’s universe because he is the being and for that reason he is source of every being.  I do not speak about farmer’s science and religiosity that exist.

This crisis have not universal and absolute dimension. When the Berlin Wall fell, the iron curtain, subjugated to the communist regime for 40 years, were surprised by the lack of religion and morality in Western Europe. It was not what they expected but their incidence in today’s culture is at least striking; it is what most sounds, showing arrogance as false as unacceptable. We saw in the European television that, dominated by Moscow for a long time, they neither demolished the stone cross with the crucifix on the bridge over the river nor the image of the Virgin Mary on a column in the town square, as it was done in Spain in the civil war of 1936. They showed more culture and less hatred.

Irreligiousness is not an exclusive degeneration of our time either. In days of the author of psalmody, at the beginning of psalms it is censured that people swirled against God and his Christ (Ps 2). The absurd pride of creature does not support the yoke of truth, the yoke of well, the yoke of life, the yoke of light, the yoke of wisdom, the yoke of freedom, the yoke of order, the yoke of grandeur, the yoke of peace, the yoke of eternal love of God who cares with unique providence his privileged creature – the man – to lead him to the glory of heaven, to the eternal bliss.

Jesus Sancho Bielsa

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