Pedophilia and homosexuality

29 March, 2013


The interesting study of the prestigious German forensic psychologist, Hans Kröber, who defines himself as an atheist, states that “celibacy does not cause pedophilia” since pedophile percentage in priests and religious (0.04%) is even less than other heterosexual groups of men. It also declares that “current problems of Catholic Church are problems of gay priests who can not or do not want to be celibate. Indeed, it is known that over 90 % of pedophilia cases, sexual assaults are made to male children and adolescents. This shows that it is closely linked to homosexuality. However, all current writings on this subject always relate pedophile with the circumstances of being priests or religious aggressors and never with their homosexuality. But, obviously it is not politically correct highlights something derogatory about homosexuality. Anybody who does it can be accused of homophobic; but instead it is more progressive, has more morbid and sells more to be cruel to the Church.

Federico Gómez Pardo



Welcome to freedom

21 March, 2013


The freedom of man is wrapped in dust of stars. This gift is so high, admirable, important, strong, and huge; a privilege so untouchable among those which enrich and adorn the person. This is a unique gift despite affects everyone. We are all free and owners of our acts. Thanks to the freedom we are owners of our life, thoughts, actions, wishes, acts and decisions. We direct life toward good or evil, according to our will, our freedom. Even in physical and violent coercion that is exercised against oneself, man does not lose on the contrary keeps his inner freedom and is owner to accept or reject what is being proposed or required. History oozes and is full of surprising and heroic examples in the defense of freedom. Persecutions and violence are open field where freedom is showed. We must judge the man by his freedom; his live develops according the free use of his freedom. His behavior is the mirror where his freedom is reflected.

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Emergency Contraception Pill

15 March, 2013


Regarding the Emergency Contraception Pill, the “evaluation report of approved medication containing levonorgestrel” clarifies researches that give cause for the marketing of the active principle in the whole universe. This arouses frequent hostile reactions and highlights two dangers: a possible “ectopic pregnancy and a “venous thrombosis” risk. This worrying cardiovascular disease occurs by the appearance of a blood clot in a deep blood vessel. A complication occurs when part of the blood clot breaks off, travels through the bloodstream and blocks any vein of the lungs. The report said that consequences are significant. For example, in a sample of 1,379 women who took at least one dose, 426 suffered from bleeding (30.89%); 189 nausea (13.71%); 184 fatigue (13.34%); 183 abdominal pain (13.27%), 142 headaches (10.3%) and other complications such as breast pain, dysentery, anxieties and dizziness.