Abortion is murder


Three out of every four States of the European Union covered in its laws the right to conscientious objection to performing abortion. The presiden of the Family Policy Institute asserts that “the conscientious objection is a constitutional principle”.

The most notorious abortion doctor of Serbia, Stojan Adasevic, told that he saw and touched with his fingers the beating heart of a fetus of three and a half months who was being aborted. Since then and after having practiced more than 55,000 abortions, he was aware that he had killed an innocent and defenseless human being. That was the last abortion of Adasevic who in that moment was treated to the fiancée of her cousin: “I inserted the forceps into the womb and I pressed. Then, I continued pressing. Once more I struggled with the forceps … When I removed a mass, I thought it was fragments of bone, I lead up it to the bathroom and I saw a human heart beating. I thought that I was going to go crazy. The beat was becoming slower and slower until it stopped. No one could see what I saw. I just killed a human being”.

The previous night Adasevic dreamed with a man who was surrounded by children. The Serbian asked the man in his dream to identify himself: “I am Thomas Aquino and these are the children you killed while performing abortions” he answered to the surgeon.

These two facts transformed the life of Adasevic who, like Bernard Nathanson, described as the pharaoh of abortion in the United States – changed the criminal profession by the defense of life. A change that had consequences in the former communist Yugoslavia: his salary was reduced in half, his daughter lost her job and her son could not enter in the university.

Likewise, an abortion clinic, located in the suburbs of Beijing, violates the “one-child policy”. Every woman who aborts has her own history. Among all make over 20 million a year. China is the world leader in absolute terms and it is ranked second in regard to abortions “per capita”. There are many married women who are forced to lose his second son in order to avoid big fines imposed by the “only-child policy”.

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