Safe Toys

European Union Member States have approved new security measures for toys. These will prohibit poisonous substances and limit the use of heavy alloy. With this regulation, chemical substances that can produce carcinoma, modifying the genetic information or affecting the fertilization, will no longer be authorized in children's toys. Therefore, harmful heavy minerals such as lead or mercury will no longer be used in toys.

These measures will prevent that children choked on removable parts of toys. Small toys, including in meals, will always be in a separate package. Toys that are attached to a food product, in such a way that the food product needs to be consumed to get access to the toy, will be banned.


Children toys manufacturer should formalize an assessment about toys safety and provide comprehensive information for all toys. These must contain information about synthetic substances in order to make easier the inspection of market surveillance authorities.

Importers must verify that manufacturers have made the proper examination of toys and must also carry out preliminary tests. The demands to the distributors of toys will also be strengthened.

European Union Member States will have to allow that market surveillance authorities carry out the appropriate examination in the outer limits of the EU in order to ensure that hazardous toys are banned. They may also eliminate the toys that constitute a mortal danger.

The new measures will replace the current regulations. After the entry into force of the recent legislation, toys manufacturers have two years to adapt to the new requirements. In case of chemical requirements, the adaptation time will be four years.

Upbringing and education of children requires the action and the constant effort of parents. Trying to replace it with educational toys is to look for something as utopian as getting a machine to educate.



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