Church as a consolation of old age

29 November, 2012

Life expectancy is growing, and in Europe, there will be more old people. Now, a person of 70 years can still do a lot of things. But it is clear that the body deteriorates over time. They say that aging begins to manifest in many ways at 50. For example, the muscular system atrophies and its force decreases, the joints deteriorate and erosions appear; the bones with osteoporosis weaken, the skin loses freshness, softness and smoothness, it wrinkles and spots appear. Likewise, capillary blood flow is minor, connective tissue increases and there is a minor water content; white hairs appear, hair becomes thinner, thin and it falls; genital atrophy appears and therefore sexual desire diminishes; digestive system presents a bad absorption, producing gases and constipation, the respiratory tree ages and sore throat and bad ventilation take place; heart deteriorates and arteries harden; cerebral weight is minor, with loss neuronal and sleep disorders; vision also presents a progressive loss with opacities and cataracts; average ear deteriorates and perception alters, etc. All these symptoms produce diseases like: arterial hypertension, blood circulation problems, senile dementia, Alzheimer, incontinence and falls.

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Safe Toys

15 November, 2012

European Union Member States have approved new security measures for toys. These will prohibit poisonous substances and limit the use of heavy alloy. With this regulation, chemical substances that can produce carcinoma, modifying the genetic information or affecting the fertilization, will no longer be authorized in children's toys. Therefore, harmful heavy minerals such as lead or mercury will no longer be used in toys.

These measures will prevent that children choked on removable parts of toys. Small toys, including in meals, will always be in a separate package. Toys that are attached to a food product, in such a way that the food product needs to be consumed to get access to the toy, will be banned. Read the rest of this entry »