Stem cells

26 September, 2012

   A scientists team from Harvard Medical School (USA) have explained, in the journal Science, an unprecedented procedure that allow, from adult cells, to produce stem cells with the same regenerative features that embryonic stem cells. This solves one of the largest obstacles to use stem cells with curative intent. Analysts believe that with this technique they can create tissues to reconstruct damaged organs. New stem cells could become a source of pancreatic cells for diabetics or hearth cells for people with heart failure.

   The research has been collected by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. We must remember that Government has not protected stem cell research but quite the contrary.

   It is clear that the systematic disaster of research with embryos, which means its killing, and the progress made with the research with adult stem cells, extracted from the own affected, has made that successes achieved with adult stem cells are recognize in the scientific world.
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18 September, 2012

   This word is used to mean different things. A sports commentary said, “The Valencia team imposes its pragmatism in El Sadar,” meaning that it applied every effective means to achieve a positive result. In this sense, pragmatism could be understood as the tendency to adjust to actual circumstances. Read the rest of this entry »