Single sex class and co-educational class

22 August, 2012

   Nowadays, one of the debates that also exist in non-university levels education in our country is the single sex class[1] and co-educational class[2]. The history, the comparison with other countries and the pedagogy can attest to this.

   In Spain, as in other Western States, primary schools, from its origin in the Middle Ages, have been of boys, girls or mixed, depending on the intentions of its founders (Church, municipality or individuals), and on the population census.

   Beginning on 1812, when Cadiz Constitution established the obligation that Municipalities set up children’s schools, all the regulations of First Letters Schools (1821, 1836, and 1938) decided to establish separate schools for boys and girls wherever resources permit it. Thus, teaching was adapted to the corresponding boy’s schools with the modifications and the appropriate form to the sex. Read the rest of this entry »