Values and education of personality and character

30 July, 2012

   Nowadays, because of the existing relativism, there is a deep moral crisis of values that are affecting different society dimensions (economic crisis); hence the need of insisting on education in values. As we know, according to its nature, man is a person composed by a sensitive and material body and a spiritual and rational soul. The way of showing of man through thought, word and deed in all and each of its activities is called personality. Read the rest of this entry »

God in Haiti

25 July, 2012

   Faced with the human—though not humanitarian—catastrophe in Haiti, many people say “God doesn’t exist, because if He existed and were like they say, He would either not send an earthquake or prevent it altogether, even more so considering that Haiti is such a poor country with so few resources, which will make the tragedy even worse. Read the rest of this entry »

The others and I

18 July, 2012

   Human relationships are always complex, hence the interest in cultivating a sixth sense to tune in to people around us, to get to know them, to learn what they are like and what their dreams and hopes are. All this as far as possible and within the framework in which the relationship occurs. Certainly, the relationship with one’s wife, her hopes and desires, will not be the same as the relationship with one’s colleagues at work. Read the rest of this entry »

Abortion leads to suicide

12 July, 2012

   The Royal College of Psychiatrists, eminent professional institution of psychiatry in England, has given a significant change in their indications about the link between abortion and mental health. “The voluntary interruption of pregnancy” leads to a significant danger to the physical and mental health of women. It advises that guidance on these insecurities to those who seek an abortion is required.

   In 2007, the actress Emma Beck, a young British interpreter of 30 years, aborted her twins. After a short time, she committed suicide and left a pathetic letter to her relatives: “Life is a hell for me, I never should have aborted, I would have been a good mother. I want to be with my babies, they need me more than anyone else”

   Gabriel Roselló


4 July, 2012

   With the beginning of the school year, we can again hear complaints about how expensive textbooks and school supplies are. And even more so this year, in which many families are suffering from the consequences of the crisis. A good education involves teaching how to turn problems into opportunities. And the crisis can be a good opportunity to educate children on sobriety. Read the rest of this entry »