The Pope and the Crisis

   It is highly suggestive to read the latest encyclical by Benedict XVI, Caritas in veritate, concerning the global financial crisis. And this is not because the Pope has offered any recipes for the economic reforms that are necessary to get out of it.

    But the encyclical certainly removes a great deal of confusion about the true development of man and of peoples, and unmasks some of the new ideologies that mean a ballast to this development, such as the Third Worldism that keeps opposing North and South, or a deviated environmentalism assigning rights to nature even though only individuals are legally capable of holding rights.

   We could argue that this encyclical lays the foundations of a true civilization of economics in a globalization era; and while not denying market economics, it resists the notion that it should be governed by its own laws with no moral constraints.

   In particular, the idea I have found most amazing is the following: “The greatest service to development is a humanism that enkindles charity and takes its lead from truth.” I would advise all our politicians and economists to read it carefully; however, I doubt that many of them will do so due to ideological prejudices. Too bad!

Federico Gómez

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