The Pope and the Crisis

29 June, 2012

   It is highly suggestive to read the latest encyclical by Benedict XVI, Caritas in veritate, concerning the global financial crisis. And this is not because the Pope has offered any recipes for the economic reforms that are necessary to get out of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Family Breakup

20 June, 2012



The quest for happiness is probably the main goal for many people. They search for new pleasures and stronger emotions, and try to avoid any pain or discomfort whatever it takes. But this path does not ultimately lead to happiness.

Faced with the inevitable problems arising in marriage, mainstream ideology suggests family breakup as the only solution and as a conquest of freedom.

For years now, the great entertainment industry at Hollywood has been systematically inculcating us with the benefits of divorce through its movies. Because not only movie characters got divorced, but also celebrities in real life, which was spread in mass media and particularly in gossip magazines 

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A Medical Experiment

8 June, 2012

    Dr. John Money, an American psychiatrist, conducted an interesting experiment in the 1960s around the nature vs. nurture debate, through which he sought to prove that nurture is everything in the makeup of male and female. As an ardent supporter of gender ideology, he wanted to eliminate natural differences, and determine the sexed condition of man and woman through culture. Read the rest of this entry »