Forms of Marriage

   At a very crowded pro-family demonstration which took place in Madrid, one of the placards read, “Pedro y Antonio, no son matrimonio” [Pedro and Antonio make no married couple], but those who support the gender ideology insist on calling two same-sex persons, whether two men or two women, a married couple. They defend that marriage is a merely social convention, much like a varnish somehow covering sexual relationships between opposite-sex people.

   In reality, marriage has been defended throughout history as the origin of life and a guarantee of human survival over the generations. But there is still another significant aspect concerning children’s education. A well-constituted family is the natural environment where children develop their own personality, acquire key habits for living with others, and feel loved for what they are (sons and daughters, brothers and sisters), rather than for what they do or for what they have.

   The gender ideology stumbles upon the evidence that men and women are biologically different. A boy is different from a girl. The differences that appear from birth and become stressed in puberty and adolescence have been scientifically studied by differential psychology. A further transcendental fact should be added—while married couples made up of a man and a woman usually bear children, two gays or two lesbians can never have offspring. Let’s remember that, in the animal world, the result of a mare and a donkey is a young mule. Well then, male and female mules are sterile and so unable to produce young.

   Male and female sexuality is not optional; it is determined by biology. Neglecting this fact inevitably leads to serious legal, moral and psychological conflict, also involving children adopted by same-sex people.

   How has this ideology emerged? The first feminism arose in the French Revolution, seeking equal rights for men and women. But the next claim was equality of male and female roles. Maternity, marriage and family have come to be rejected. In 1949, Simone de Beauvoir encouraged women to free themselves from the restrictions associated with their nature and recommended the transfer of children’s education to society, lesbian relationships, and the practice of abortion.

   It is not the first time that evidence has been neglected, and there have always been Quixotes calling windmills giants, and inns castles.

   Arturo Ramo

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