Paradoxical situations

   “Do you remember a hundred years ago?” Whenever I pose this question to some friends, they reply, “What? Are you kidding me? I wasn’t born by then!”

   Of course, it is just logical—isn’t it a wonderful mystery to have ever come to existence? Then, how can dying ever be better than staying alive? What is hidden behind such gloomy and macabre actions by dominant ideologies?

   A few weeks ago, a minister of health was interviewed, and stated that very advanced patients may be sedated to death, since it is widely known that death is certain to happen to them in the short run. And that such transition should be facilitated.

   Meanwhile, at the initial stage of life, the easiness of abortion will be extended until well into the gestation period.

   How should we respond to this criminal attitude by our rulers? By throwing a tantrum and complaining?

   Of course, the shamelessness of many of those in power is shocking. Can they, once death has been ordered, bring human beings back to life? If that were the case, we would be talking about a different thing. Because they cannot create life, let alone human conscience.

   But is it not common knowledge that there is human life from the very moment of conception? Of course, arguing with demonstrable scientific facts is not enough. It is clear that many people do not want to see, but would rather duck out in order to avoid thinking. It is necessary to let everyone know what is happening. And to show the beauty of life even in spite of suffering. Because life is a treasure to be cherished. However common it may be, it is not any less wonderful.

   José A. Calvo

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