Those who understand the true significance of Christmas perfectly understand what it means to set up a crèche or to sing a Christmas carol. Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus, born in a cave to bring to Earth a most sublime love message—also to the remotest, the most different, the one who does not love—, the utmost love taken up to the sacrifice of death. Therefore, anyone who wants to remove the symbol of love for life represented by the birth of Jesus, with its manifestations such as setting up crèches or singing Christmas carols, does not understand anything at all.

   As just another tradition, around this time year after year some radical politicians claim for total removal of any Christian symbols, pretending to be the champions of advancement and progress, under the pretext that these symbols step on some people’s toes. But denying the Christian spirit at Christmas helps no-one—that is anticulturalism. Minorities do not feel insulted because there are a few children carol festivals. Quite the opposite.

   Majorities also have the right to express whatever good they have been traditionally doing. How could setting up a crèche at a square do any harm? Only someone with a spoiled imagination or politicians failing to serve the common good might think so.

José A. Calvo

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