Form the criterion

In standard form the society we live in, children and young people receive many messages and phrases that convey ideals, which are not always positive to form the personality, or to help them be happy.
It is therefore important that children learn to form a personal opinion to distinguish right from wrong between what they see on the street, television and their friends.

And after knowing what is good and positive, will develop the willpower to carry out what they think they should do, although find it annoying or expensive.

The work of teachers can not keep on saying repeatedly “this is not right” or “I do not like” without arguing or giving reasons to explain that statement. Along the negative aspect is more important to educate positive, ie, to show the beauty of virtue cheerful and serene, without fear or inhibition. Doing good things and service to others is much more attractive and joyful than act incorrectly, although in certain environments stated otherwise.

They must be, for his integrity and coherence of life, the foundation on which to lean the children. Children need strong parents, to withstand the daily turmoil and can convey strength, confidence, protection and guidance to their children.

Given the facts that come to us by television and other means, one must ask why these behaviors, to discover the potential injustice, envy, pride, etc. that caused them. And also is necesary each one to examine personally the actions we have done and that can hurt others or offend God, to apologize to one or the other. There are psychiatrists who say that current is necessary and healthy to accept the sense of sin. This avoids the guilt complex and distressing feeling of being wrong, accompanied by fear or shame. We must provide the means for children feel are progressively more free and responsible for their actions.

Arturo Ramo


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