To improve the man

   Can man improve economic and political systems, ideologies, or the mere passage of time?

   You can not improve the human race in general, but an individual it can try. We can only work every day in the good of all, striving to be a little better each of us, helping those around us to do the same. Economic or political systems do not improve the man, only love lifts us up on our misery.

   Not even expect this or that if successful ideology spread throughout the world as a panacea, the solution to all ills that are causing the people. Theoretically it could work, but not to be implemented would not effect. And that in the event that such ideology was wonderful, focusing on the real causes of the ills afflicting our society, as is the case of the Social Doctrine of the Church, but it is not carried out. There’s that monumental instrument for those who have the courage to apply it.

   It’s a great service to humanity, a monumental contribution of the Catholic Church than any person of good will, whether or not Christian could subscribe if they knew.

   I do not believe in improving thanks to the progress of man and of civilization, or the mere passage of time. The man is always the same; nature does not change, as demonstrated by its long history. To the extent, or at least empathize relates, with other human beings, learn from them, teach, strive to acquire virtues and eradicate vices … to that extent his life is fuller, more happy and helping others. These are not theories, can be seen in practice, and any of us has personal experience or at least seen it in others, celebrities or neighbors, acquaintances, friends.

   Being hand over hand and complaining will not eliminate the evils of society and solve our personal problems, not merely being informed. It is necessary to contribute new ideas and reject those that do not work, fulfill our obligations when we demand rights, and complain less and become more involved in improving our society.
José Enrique Serrano

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