The Battle of the TV

   Often appears in the newspapers news about the number of hours that the kids are watching TV. Concludes that they are always excessive and this impacts negatively on their studies. This problem is resolved within the family. One wonders if watching TV is the only way to use free time or if you could look for alternatives. Parents can encourage reading in families. First of all, they should read in front of them . If children see parents reading, they will be motivated to read well and be able to comment after positive or negative aspects of the book. This also encourages the creation of a serious climate in the family study.

   Another alternative is to encourage play and sport. There are games of skill and very interesting as well as outdoor games and gymkhanas that tend to like the little ones. The sport is often another activity that has secured acceptance and if the parents attend the big games, the fans are devoted. There is evidence that when the kids have other activities to spend your free time, they forget about television. For proper use of television you have to select the programs that are worth seeing and have a limited time. It is not good to sit at the machine and zapped to see if anything interesting. In general, this is a time waster. When children watch television with their parents, they can discuss the programs and encourage critical thinking, distinguishing fact from opinion and analysis of truth and error as truth. Sometimes they may use other sources of information.

    In all cases the battle of television is an effort of parents to select the contents and set an example of sobriety in the use of this medium so powerful that it can be positive or negative according to the prudent use is made.
Arturo Ramo

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