The request for euthanasia

   Retirees have serious reason to be concerned about the danger of a law of death worthy or euthanasia. Because euthanasia does not respect the natural termination of life but is the “active termination of life”, ie that some health professionals are called to cause death by lethal injection or by other methods.

    The Belgian law states says that the patient must request euthanasia and this request must be voluntary, thoughtful and repeated, and may not be the result of outside pressure. It is also envisaged that the patient’s request have to be expressed and signed by the patient or, if he can not, by an elderly person that the patient has chosen. Also, there will be a Monitoring Committee to avoid any errors.

   In the first report of the Commission noted that in 14 declarations of euthanasia or death with dignity there was no record of the written request of the patient or another person. That is, had killed 14 patients who had not asked for euthanasia.

   On the other requirement that the patient suffers no external pressure to sign the petition, the experience in the Netherlands points out that Dutch patients are often forced or not consulted in the decision to end their life.

    The New York Times Magazine described the case of Louise, an ailing woman whose death had been ordered by a doctor and another person outside the patient. He said he only found support for the death. He told his mother: “I feel like everyone is dragging, pressing”…. to death

   It seems that almost a quarter of doctors who practice euthanasia in the Netherlands admitted to have finished with the lives of patients who were not given their consent. And it seems that the percentage is going increased considerably

    What can retirees and older people to keep them from euthanasia and death with dignity are applied? Putting all the means to avoid the law be approved and therefore deny the vote himself, his family and friends to the political party that promotes it in the next and subsequent elections..

   It is very common that some patients with severe suffering euthanasia signed the petition, but when applied to palliative care and pain disappeared, changed their minds and wanted to live.

    What seems clear is the right of terminally ill to receiving palliative care necessary to relieve pain until the natural end of his life.

   Arturo Ramo

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