No Crucifix, yes Halloween?

28 February, 2012

    Following the decision by the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg concerning the crucifix at schools, I suppose many parents will be entitled to demand that the Halloween celebration should not be held at their children’s schools if they consider it an expression of Neopaganism. Similarly, at some Catalan schools where every now and then there appear pro-independence flags, those families that do not support independence will be lawfully entitled to demand their removal. Will also the republicans in this country be allowed to protest if the King’s picture presides over their children’s classrooms? Read the rest of this entry »

Form the criterion

21 February, 2012

In standard form the society we live in, children and young people receive many messages and phrases that convey ideals, which are not always positive to form the personality, or to help them be happy.
It is therefore important that children learn to form a personal opinion to distinguish right from wrong between what they see on the street, television and their friends. Read the rest of this entry »

To improve the man

16 February, 2012

   Can man improve economic and political systems, ideologies, or the mere passage of time?

   You can not improve the human race in general, but an individual it can try. We can only work every day in the good of all, striving to be a little better each of us, helping those around us to do the same. Economic or political systems do not improve the man, only love lifts us up on our misery. Read the rest of this entry »

The Battle of the TV

7 February, 2012

   Often appears in the newspapers news about the number of hours that the kids are watching TV. Concludes that they are always excessive and this impacts negatively on their studies. This problem is resolved within the family. One wonders if watching TV is the only way to use free time or if you could look for alternatives. Parents can encourage reading in families. First of all, they should read in front of them . If children see parents reading, they will be motivated to read well and be able to comment after positive or negative aspects of the book. This also encourages the creation of a serious climate in the family study. Read the rest of this entry »

The request for euthanasia

2 February, 2012

   Retirees have serious reason to be concerned about the danger of a law of death worthy or euthanasia. Because euthanasia does not respect the natural termination of life but is the “active termination of life”, ie that some health professionals are called to cause death by lethal injection or by other methods. Read the rest of this entry »