About apes and men

27 January, 2012

   I have just seen an exhibition of the stages of evolution. As might be expected, it is suggested that apes are our ancestors, a hypothesis supported by the latest findings on the chimpanzee genome. The team which has deciphered the sequence of DNA units has shown that less than 4% of that genome signals the differences between this animal and a man, but it has said nothing about the reason for these differences and about how these show themselves in their respective behavior. I understand that this 4% may be the cause of morphological and physiological differences, but not of the great gap existing between both beings from the cultural and spiritual points of view. Rationality, freedom, and the ability to advance are manifestations of the human spirit which cannot be explained by the scientific method based on sensory experimentation; however, I neither believe that they are only the result of this biological substrate where we coincide, nor that they are a mere consequence of evolution. Read the rest of this entry »

Considerations on the abortion law

20 January, 2012

   The ethical problems posed by abortion and embryo cloning boil down to agreeing or disagreeing to consider embryos as human beings; or to having a clear idea of how the human condition of an embryo occurs. Read the rest of this entry »

The desirable peace

13 January, 2012

   War is a too commonplace scene around the world. Some of us have been spared, even though the mass media bring closer this remoteness, which hurts those who live there, but images on a full stomach are always painless. Read the rest of this entry »