Current incoherencies

    At the present time there is much talk of democracy, tolerance and freedom of expression, but can note that not everything is so real.

    In practice many of these values are not respected or accepted by all, it depends if you are defending something within the parameters of what is politically correct or not. Some want to impose the ethical relativism which would mean that all values are equal and there are no absolute values.

   This seems to lead to tolerance among all men, but in reality this is not so, as we see in two examples:

    There are many who think that children need a father and a mother to the harmonious development of his personality and others think that a gay couple can perform the same function with the children adopted. Given this diversity of opinion, often rising wave of gay activists and their supporters, exercising its great power, to silence the position in defense of the education of children by a father and a mother In this case, is not respecting the values equality and freedom of expression because it could be politically incorrect.

    Another current example of inconsistency is the issue of abortion. Science is generally accepted that from the moment of conception is already a human being with all the genetic potential to be developed throughout his life. This little one human being is defended by the Declaration of Human Rights. Many think that an unwanted pregnancy ought to be defended both, the mother and the baby in her womb. These mothers should be helped to provide adequate for their child within their own family or in nurseries that are emerging in different cities. It should also be informed psychological about the risks frequently experienced by mothers who abort. And also defends the child who has the right to live as anyone. But pro-abortion movement only looks at the mother’s right but deny any other positions that defend the child. In both cases, is observing a radical incoherence: it is argued that all values are equal, but they don’t really tolerate the opinions of others.

   Those who follow the politically incorrect not to respect the ideas of others but want to destroy them, imposing their ideas as untouchable dogmas.

    It’s time to really be tolerant with all people and respect the necessary freedom of expression.
Arthur Ramo

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