On abortion

   8 Years ago, my wife and I, were going to have our first child. To do an ultrasound and measuring the nuchal fold at 12 weeks, this was 6 mm. Apparently, there is a direct correlation between the measured 12 weeks and the possibility of having congenital diseases caused by chromosomal errors: Down syndrome and others.

   According to medical prescriptions, up to 2 millimetres the risk is very low, 2 to 4 mm, the risk is growing and from 4 mm the probability is very high. The doctor who attended us recommended us an amniocentesis to make sure, but as we had decided that he would be born first and foremost, we did not even any ultrasound. We trusted in God, and if it was born with an illness you would like more, if possible. Our first daughter without any illness was born out of time. Then his other three brothers they have not made any “preventive” ultrasound, or we have not wanted to know as the nuchal fold measured them 12 weeks. Valga this introduction to know that, sometimes, the medical predictions also fail; But although acertaran 100% do that right we have to decide whether a fetus or embryo should live or die?. Ultimately what right have to abort?

   In the controversial abortion law, there is so much unreason and so much madness that not is where to start. For example, the role of the father disappears. The father is alone, a Stallion occasional and generally anonymous. If the mother of the baby wants to abort the father can not oppose. It could be the case that the mother does not want the child but the father if. Because the mother aborts. not want equality?… then go equality.

   After the 14 week period is arbitrary and without justification. If a mother aborted, or kills his son before 14 weeks, does not pass anything. Why? because it is small? do because not formed? A days-old baby is not fully formed, less if it is premature, and if you can not only survive. Why not is you can kill as? what is the difference? Everyone sees that it is a monstrosity, but if not… only small is question of centimeters.

   Of course then heard some say that a 14-week fetus is not a being of humano… Then what is it?

   Suppose that in a Centre for the conservation of Lynx, after many efforts the lynxes females become pregnant, and do abort because according to the Minister a fetus of Lynx is not a Lynx and nothing happens.

   Crying and protests by environmental organizations would reach the highest level. So… which is it?
Surely in a term more short than long, just as with other scourges covered by the laws of his time, such as slavery or genocide; the whole of humanity abominará of this time and its people that we allow and came to be regarded as a right, abortion.
Alex Pérez


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