A sand Castle

   A scene that is repeated every summer at the beach is a child building a sand castle with his bucket, his plastic shovel, the rake and over all with its hands. Perhaps on their way to the beach he was thinking about how it would be : with towers, battlements, doors, windows, a moat and an outer walls. With his intelligence and imagination he formed an idea, a project design. Then, on the beach, that design became a reality in reality and it was the admiration of his family and others who were walking on the beach and were amazed at the artwork. But this castle was not built alone. It took intelligence, design, hands, tools and a job excited.

   Neither the universe nor the wonders of nature have been done alone. Scientists increasingly advocate the need for a higher intelligence and a previous design that is the cause of it. Although other scientists, usually atheists, argue that everything has been produced by the forces of nature and chance.

    But the reality is stubborn. The winds and hurricanes have never built a castle with sand. In the sandy deserts, dunes are built for the wind, but nothing more.

   Earthquakes can destroy homes, apartment buildings and bridges but have never built a castle sand with towers, battlements, moats and ramparts. What about volcanoes? Can be tremendous clouds of toxic smoke and lava can bury with an entire city.

    But it is clear that the winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and other forces of nature can destroy many things, but not to construct any piece of architecture, painting, music, even a sand castle they do every summer thousands of children in all the world’s beaches.

   The universe is a wonderful building, millions of stars, planets, satellites and other bodies rotating at high speed along their orbits, with a precision that amazes us how much more we know.

   For some scientists has been formed and is maintained by the forces of nature alone and by chance, by chance and random play. But other scientists these reasons do not prove anything. One of those most distinguished scientists of modern science such as Albert Einstein wrote: “Chance? – I will never believe that God plays dice with the world ”
Arthur Ramo


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